NY Jets Training Camp

Camp Report – 07/24/08 PM Session

By Brian Clark

This practice was a bit more entertaining for the fans, compared to the morning practice. The bleachers were 80% full to watch the Jets conduct their evening practice

This is a general layout of the first two squads.

QB Clemens
RB Jones
WR Coles
WR Cotchery
TE Franks
TE Keller
RT Woody
RG Moore
C Mangold
LG Faneca
LT Ferguson

2nd Line
QB Pennington
RB Washington
WR Stuckey
WR Smith
FB Richardson
TE Pociask
RT Hunter
RG Turner
C Montgomery
LG Bender
LT Oldenburg

Drills conducted were:

Special team blocking assignments
Individual unit drills
QB passing drills (with receivers)
Agility drills for D-line
11 v 11 offense vs defense full contact
Punt Return
Last seconds drill

Clemens and Pennington had a better practice and connected multiple times on underneath routes. Pennington hit Coles deep over Revis for a 35 yd TD. Clemens hit Clowney on a nice comeback route down the sideline. Ratliff had another strong practice, and hit Paul Raymond another long pass, as Raymond although undersized continued to impress. Ainge has a decent arm, but nothing special, but needs to work on his footwork.

Leon Washington is by far the MVP of the day breaking free many plays on offense today. On two separate occasions he juked Kassell out of his cleats, and on many others he ran right passed players. He definitely looks great coming out of the offseason. Jones looks fit, but did not impress besides one play where he basically took a convoy of lineman on a screen that went for a 75 yard touchdown.

For the WR’s Stuckey is playing well once again, and looks like he could be going for the 3rd WR spot. As mentioned previously, Paul Raymond played well, and is definitely a person who took the eye of fans and I’m sure the coaches.

Tomorrow’s practice I will be focusing on the defense and will give a more detailed report on that side of the ball.

Nugent went 4/7 overall 1/2 from 57 yards both on the arena league uprights. The one he made from 57 definitely had more to go.

As for autographs there was a mix of players including Keller, Washington, Graham, Jones, Rhodes, Pociask, Lowery, Baker (who was practicing on the side with Musa Smith), Woodhead, and a few others.

In one thing to look at, Coles came up lame with a hamstring injury near the end of practice. He went to the sideline grabbing it and got it stretched out with a trainer. 15 minutes later he went in and tried to go on another play. After that one, one where his group was coming off the field anyways, he came off limping again. I don’t know the seriousness of the injury, but it is definitely something to follow.

If anyone is planning on heading to any of the practices this weekend, reach out and send me a message.

And no Gholston, I’m guessing he’ll be in tomorrow.

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