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Statement Time

By Tyson Rauch

Coming off a solid victory over the Miami Dolphins the New York Jets now take on the New England Patriots minus their all world quarterback Tom Brady. The Patriots have won 9 of the last 10 regular season match-ups and have been the key holders to the AFC East Division title.

Even though this is only week 2 of the NFL season, this game is huge for Gang Green. If the Jets are able to beat the Pats, they would start out not only with two victories but would also have 2 division and conference wins as well, which is vital when it comes to talking playoffs.  In addition to the statistical win, it would be huge in terms in building momentum and confidence as the Jets are still trying to assimilate new players into their system.

The Patriots will not go down without a fight and I expect a very tough, physical low scoring game. This team has a lot of pride and not many teams in the NFL play better under adversity. So now is your time Jets, to stake your claim as a team to beat in the AFC East. Now is your time to play aggressive, physical football and flex your muscles a bit in your own backyard.

Now is the time to show the stadium full of raucous fans that this is not the “Same Old Jets.”

Parting Shots:
• A big hats off to all of the Jets fans that were in attendance in Miami. Their presence was evident all over the stadium and the Jet team even got standing ovations during team warm ups where several players acknowledged the support.
• Not sure what was funnier, watching Kellen Clemens shank practice kicks or Kerry Rhodes.  But big props for both of them for trying.
• When was the last time you saw a NFL team bring their own tarps for the team benches? Not to mention one where the ball boys had to hold it up for the game.

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