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Fan Spotlight: aec4

JetNation.com wants to know what makes Jets fans tick.  This is the first in a series of one on one interviews to get to know you all better.  We kick this off with a candid question and answer session with our very own aec4.  He is a long time poster and an outspoken critic of the JetNation.com Report Card, the word zip and fans that complain about personal seat licenses.

Legal Note: We were unable to confirm that aec4 can indeed run a 4.8 40 yard dash (read on for details).

JetNation.com: With all of these offseason moves, the Jets spent a lot of money. Did they put themselves in a bad situation with regards to the salary cap? Are they going to have to restructure people to avoid spending time in cap hell?
aec4: I don’t believe so. NFL revenue keeps going up and up, which means the cap goes up and up. Hopefully, an uncapped year won’t become reality, but that’s another consideration as well. I think Tannenbaum has a good handle on the cap, and we’ll be OK. Sure, there will be some restructuring…. and possibly even cutting. Remember, Favre is a year to year proposition with no cap hit when he retires.

JetNation.com:  If a poster that you were having a multi-year feud with offered you an olive brach, would you accept it?  Can two message board posters that have feuded for years ever see eye to eye and move past their differences?
aec4: Depends on the posters. If you are referring to Bob the Jets Fan, then no. That got too personal. I think if the debate is mainly football, or philosophy, than sure, but if it’s mainly personal, then no.

JetNation.com: You have said many times that Darrelle Revis isn’t a complete cornerback because he can’t cover a crossing route. Have you reached out to Darrelle to help him correct this flaw? Do you think that he will become a pro bowl corner in the future?
aec4: Yeah, because me, and my 4.8 can cover a corner route real well! Ha-ha-ha. He has the potential to become a pro-bowl corner, although these days, that’s not always a huge honor. He played real well against Miami and hopefully that shows year 2 will be a big improvement.

JetNation.com: You can invite three JetNation.com posters to dinner. Who would you pick?
aec4: Do I have to? I’d rather be the loser in the corner booth eating by himself.

JetNation.com: What traits do you most admire in NFL fan site Webmasters?
aec4: Their ability to eat.

JetNation.com: Any words of wisdom to the season ticket holders that say they won’t be able to afford the impending PSL fee?
aec4: GIVE UP YOUR SEATS, and install a 4 room DirecTV system with Sunday ticket. PRONTO. Going to the games is fun, but going to 10 a year has to feel like a job sometimes. Save the PSL money, and invest in a sweet “man room” and stop the whining. Football is a MAN’S SPORT. Why is it everyone seems to be crying like little girls on this issue?

JetNation.com: Will the NY Jets win the Super Bowl this season? Next season?
aec4: I hope so. I don’t know if I believe it will happen this season though. I think we’ll make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs at minimum though. Next year? If Favre plays, I think we’ll have a great shot. If Clemens plays, 7-9.

JetNation.com: How many year(s) will Brett Favre play for the NY Jets?
aec4: Unless we win the super bowl, I think he’ll be back in 2009.

JetNation.com: Why does the word ZIP bother you so much?
aec4: Because the people who use it don’t even know what it means. It’s a meaningless word really.

JetNation.com: Who will have had the better professional football career, Jeff Lageman or Vernon Gholston?
aec4: Toss up. I don’t think Gholston is going to be much of a player. When you’re picking top 6, you need to resist workout warriors. I don’t think he’ll be on the Jets after his contract is up.

JetNation.com: Name your favorite NY Jets beat writer? Least favorite?
aec4: It was Lange, but he’s not a beat writer anymore. I don’t think I have any. They all whine and bitch about access. Cimini is the worst of them all though. That dude should be given a year’s supply of Kleenex, because he needs them every football season. Hey Rich, I thought if the Jets moved to NJ, you were out?

Thanks for the time aec4.  We will see you in the forums!

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