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Different Faces, Same Results

By Tyson Rauch

One would think that when the Jets spent over 140 million dollars bringing in new talent, the results would be different on the field. Well my friends, these are the New York Jets and that is clearly not the case.
The faces may change but the same poor football remains. All of the vintage mistakes happened yesterday versus the Patriots — from the missed field goals, to wasted timeouts, to poor play calling, to being completely out-coached.

There were periods of time during the game that it seemed like the Patriots were toying with the Jets and that blame has to fall primarily on the head coach Eric Mangini. His game plan was conservative at best and he seemed to handcuff Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre. Why bring in all of this talent to only shackle it with a vanilla, limited game plan?

So where do the Jets go from here? If this philosophy remains the same, not far.

Parting Shots:
• Why does it seem that Jets fans are more fired up in the parking lot and on the escalator than they are in their seats?
• At what point can Ben Graham be considered a liability? Can someone say Louis Aguiar?
• Has Tannenbaum called Morten Anderson yet?

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