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Thoughts From Sperm Edwards

Westhoff is the only CLEARLY above-average coach the Jets have. Both coordinators (and their boss, who they run the game plans by prior to each game) have looked like they’re way over their head.

Thomas Jones is excellent at nothing.

Brett Favre needs to throw passes to guys running a slant route. Great point by JetNation’s 124 last week on the subject. Everything else he said was complete garbage, but he was dead-on about that.

Clearly Favre has needed more time than he’s had to adjust to the Jets receivers. Throwing Coles in there as starter from week 1, after missing the whole pre-season & never playing a game with Favre to get their timing down, is looking pretty stupid. Even worse given his attitude at the time. Play a couple of guys that are 100% and work Coles in there when (or if) he looks like a #1 WR.

Even though he’s done nothing outside of some college & preseason games, David Clowney’s return will be much welcomed. Hope it ends up being worth the wait. We have a habit of worshiping false gods here.

Ben Graham punted great in his 2 attempts.

Coles does not fight for the ball like he used to & dogged it after he saw that Cromartie caught it.

Putting Barrett at safety in place of Eric Smith was a good move against a true pass-catching TE. This pre-game adjustment & planning concluded this week’s session of good coaching by Eric Mangini.

Sione Pouha didn’t need to get a 3 year $6M extension this past spring. I would have been pretty ok with letting him play out his rookie deal & signing him for maybe 1 year after that while we drafted & developed a rookie to play behind Jenkins. Or not. If someone else snagged him, I’d be good with that also.

While he certainly hasn’t been a bust, Lowery is just a rookie, and one who doesn’t have good top-end speed. We almost forgot that. Bob Sutton clearly did. Looked great at the start of the game at least.

On the opposite side, how many of Rivers’ 250 passing yards came against Darelle Revis? Nine?

Leon Washington is just an exciting player to watch. This clearly makes him a non-Mangini-guy. His one carry yesterday brings his three-game total to 9. I don’t care if you think he’s not a workhorse type who should carry the ball 15-20x per game on offense. Clearly he should get it more than three.

Tell me you didn’t think Brad Smith was going to fumble on the one KO he returned. Something about the way he was holding the ball.

Even with Pouha playing most of the game last night, opposing RB’s have averaged 3.1ypc overall through 3 games. They still have to do a better job stopping guys on short-yardage, but it’s clearly an improvement over the past 3 seasons.

In 2007, the Giants started out 1-2 and all fans of Big Blue were talking about nothing past getting Bill Cowher to replace Tom Coughlin after the season. Two weeks later they almost – and should have – lost to the 4-12 Jets. Three weeks after that Eli Manning looked like he couldn’t throw a football any better than the Brits watching the game in the stands, and I think 2-3 of his passes were closer to them than his own receivers. Three weeks after that they were humiliated by the (then) 4-6 Vikings. Two months later they beat an 18-0 team in the super bowl, right after beating three home teams in the playoffs. This isn’t an observation of the Jets/SD game, but just an example of how the sky has not yet fallen even when it looks that way.

We’re 1-2, not 1-12. Not yet, anyway.

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