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Monday Night No Show

As a fan of the New York Jets you could not ask for anything more…Monday night football versus the San Diego Chargers.  Brett Favre making his prime time debut as a member of Gang Green in a game he deemed a “must win.”  The sports bar was full of excited Jets fans as they were ready to show the world that this is not the “same old jets.”

Only one problem…someone forgot to tell Gang Green they had to actually play NFL caliber football to win the game.  From the fumbles, to the interceptions, to the horrendous play calling the Jets downright embarrassed themselves on national television.  And to top things off two very valuable players, Brett Favre and Kris Jenkins, come out of the game with injury concerns.

Does this song ever change Jets fans?

So where do the Jets go from here? Well this week’s game versus an improved Arizona Cardinal team is going to be vital for this team.  Coming off two losses in a row the Jets need to change their ways, get a win and head into the bye week with a record of 2-2.

From there Gang Green can heal up their wounds and clean up their playbooks.  A loss this weekend could lead the Jets into a dreaded downward spiral.   The thinking here is that the Jets are going to put up a valiant effort this weekend, get a win and kick out all of the negative winds that are beginning to stir.

Parting Shots:
•    What now Jet fans miss Jonathan Vilma and Chad Pennington? Give me a break people.
•    What is the over/under on when the boos start on Sunday? The first punt?
•    How is it that Leon Washington can be so explosive on special teams but cannot get substantial reps in the offense?
•    Can someone tell me what Eric Smith has shown to warrant being a starter on defense?

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