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Last Week: 0-2
Season: 6-6-1

Ravens +4 at Colts
The Colts have not played a good game all season and could easily be 0-4. The Ravens have the power running game that Indy traditionally struggles to stop, and they can bring the kind of defensive pressure you need to bother Peyton Manning. Joe Flacco should start feeling more comfortable under center for Baltimore, and I think they will make some plays in the passing game on Sunday once Indy brings extra run support into the box.
Ravens 21 Colts 17

Buccaneers -1.5 vs. Panthers
The Buccaneers defense stifled the high-flying Broncos last week in Denver. They should have an easier time dealing with the Panthers at home. Carolinas starting offensive tackles are hurt. It wasn’t an issue last week against the Chiefs, but the Bucs will take advantage of the situation.
Bucs 19 Panthers 10

Eagles -5 at 49ers
The Eagles will be without Westbrook, but it shouldn’t matter. The Eagles have dropped their last two games, and they should be very motivated for this one. They have a decided talent advantage along both lines, and it should equate to a relatively easy win for Philly.
Eagles 31 49ers 14

Cardinals +6 vs. Cowboys
The Cardinals air attack will take advantage of a weak Cowboy secondary to keep this one close all the way.
Cardinals 30 Cowboys 28

*Jets vs. Bengals game is off the board since Carson Palmer is not starting the game.

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