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The Myth of the Jets Fan

By Tyson Rauch

Why is it that Jets fans always consider themselves amongst the best fans in the NFL or at least in the tri-state area? This group of fans always claims how loyal they are, how passionate they are not to mention how vocal they are. Well my friends I am here to dispel some of these myths. The New York Jets have a fairly large fan base but of that group about 50% qualify as a “diehard” fan of Gang Green.

This past Sunday at the Meadowlands is a case in point. The New York Jets were coming off of an impressive win as well as a bye week and they were matched up against a weak Cincinnati Bengal team. On paper this should have been the type of game where Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre should have his way with the team and light up the scoreboard. In terms of weather, it was sunny and in the 70’s so one would think this game would be standing room only inside the stadium. Well even though the game was sold out as they have been for years, there had to be at least 10,000 empty seats throughout the first half of the game and substantially more towards the end of the 3rd quarter. Keep in mind this game was close and not decided until halfway through the 4th quarter.

So the chance to win is not enough to show up and support your team? Ok so maybe the fans that did decide to show up would bring the noise and fire up the masses as well as the team. Well either the sun got to the fans, they over indulged in the parking lot or fell asleep because the crowd noise was fair at best, even when urged on by the players on the field. It appeared that a good percentage of fans were more consumed with eating, drinking or throwing paper airplanes than actually enjoying the game.

So what kind of great football atmosphere is that? And let’s be honest Jets fans this is not the first game this has happened, it has been going on for years. Every stadium will be to capacity and rocking during home openers, big games and against division rivals but to not be when Brett Favre is your leading team to victory. Pathetic.

Parting Shots
• Have the Jets made enough money off of these throwback jerseys yet? Cannot wait to see the GREEN and WHITE actually play in GREEN and WHITE!
• How many more times does Brett Favre have to say he is happy to be here? Is there someone who doesn’t believe him?
• Has Leon Washington become less explosive or have the Jets forgotten how to use him on offense?

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