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Fan Spotlight: Bronzey

JetNation.com had the opportunity to sit down with a very esteemed member of our forums.   Renée, also known as the poster Bronzey, sat down and answered our questions.  Renee is 22 years old and she resides in the “Fabulous Borough of Queens, NY”.

What is your greatest Jets memory?
Monday Night Miracleee!

Most “experts” say the Jets schedule gets easier coming out of the bye. What do you expect to see from the Jets this week against the Raiders and down the stretch?
I expect to see  not-so-conservative play calling in this upcoming game against the Raiders. Watching the JETS/Bengals game today, I couldn’t help but think that we regressed a little bit from our form in the Arizona game before the bye. I don’t expect the JETS to lose any of the next 4  games we have coming up. The only team above .500 is Buffalo, and I don’t expect us to lose that one either. We’ll see.

Did you ever have a moment that made you rethink being a Jets fan?
Yes, sadly I have, but thoughts like that were purely driven by negative emotion. Last season, seeing the Giants come out of nowhere to go all the way kinda pissed me off a little bit, because it goes to show that any team can win it all at anytime regardless of how badly they start the season. Watching Chad Pennington completely blow games in the 4th quarter many times, and just overall sub par play in the past has made me want to jump ship to another team. But, fortunately I bleed green and white, so no matter how pissed off I get when we lose a game, I’m always going to come back.

The Jets run defense has been taken a huge step in the right direction this year. Is it simply a case of Kris Jenkins being that good or is the 3-4 starting to click with the players in Mangini’s third season as coach?
First of all let me say that Kris Jenkins is an ANIMAL. He is singlehandedly dismatling our opposing team’s running game, and making the guys around him a lot better. We’re getting to the QB a lot more now because having a big body like that in the mix just completely opens up lanes for the Linebackers and DE’s.

-If you owned an arena league football team and had to hire either Mike Tice or Herman Edwards to be your head coach\general manager, who would you choose?

No brainer…Mike Tice. Herm is a horrible coach of a team that’s in complete disarray right now. I’ll take anyone over Herm! LOL.
What is the high water mark for this years Jets team? What do you feel they can accomplish?
I feel that if we continue to play as well as we have this season we should have a MINIMUM of 10 wins.  I think this team is capable of 12 wins but we have to stop being so conservative on offense. Brett has a canon masquerading as an arm, I’d like to see the coaches utilize it a lot more.

Late at night when you are all alone and JetNation.com is the only thing on your screen do you find yourself getting excited or cringing with fear?

Jesse Chatman came back this week but wasn’t used much.  What do you thinK Jesse’s role should be?  Will he be effective?
Goal line back mostly. Thomas Jones, although he get’s alot of sh#t on this website ( yes Serphnx, that means you LOL), is pretty servicable, however he isnt the smashmouth running back that can pound it in from the 1 yard line. Chatman’s size is perfect for those instances. I think if we use him properly he has the capacity to be very good.

If you submitted your answers to this interview and one word was censored because it was deemed to be highly offensive would you:

a) Pout silently
b) Demand the interview be removed
c) Not care
d) All of the above

A – Pout silently

Does the flight crew help or hurt the actual game day experience?

They’re a little boring, vanilla even. And their outfits this season has sucked. They should commision me to design the new digs!

The Patriots lost to the Chargers this week, can they save this Brady-less season? Or is it over?
The Patriots are still playing this season? I thought their season dispersed into the ether when their savior, messiah and homo erotic late night masturbation fantasy Thomas Brady Went down. I wasn’t aware they were still taking snaps, good for them!

Which JetNation.com Moderator do you feel is most likely to serve serious time in prison? Why?
Sperm Edwards— because he’s always emasculating the guys with his “vast” and far superoir knowledge of football…can’t help but to think with a mouth like that he can’t help but get into some trouble!

Will Eric Mangini win the Super Bowl as Head Coach of the NY Jets?
No shit! We got Brett Favre, anything is possible!

J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! I mean how cool would it be to see Gangreen in Tampa!

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