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Will the Real Jets Please Stand Up?

By Tyson Rauch

Through seven games of the 2008 season the New York Jets have yet to establish an identity for themselves. Their play has ranged from good to mediocre to downright awful with the overlying theme being inconsistency. Gang Green’s latest performance against the Kansas City Chiefs was borderline embarrassing as they were outplayed in many facets of the game by one of the league’s worst teams.

This week the Jets play a very tough Buffalo Bills team in what could be a game for a share of first place.  So which Jets team will show up?  Will it be the team that played with confidence and swagger against the Dolphins and Cardinals or will it be the lost and confused team that showed up against the Chargers and Patriots?

Will Brett Favre, who I am sure is playing with an injury, play like the winning quarterback he once was or will he continue to resemble Vinny Testaverde?  Will Coach Mangini and his staff figure out how to establish an identity on offense and build some rhythm or will they continue to look like of group of coaches unsure how to handle Brett Favre?

This game against Buffalo will tell you a lot about the future of the New York Jets.  Either they will get their act together and begin to play quality football and take a shot at making the playoffs or they will dwell in mediocrity and waste another season as well as year with Brett Favre as their quarterback.

Parting Shots:
1. How many kicks does a kicker have to miss before he gets replaced?
2. If the Jets continue to play poorly how long before the veteran locker room starts to turn on Coach Mangini?
3. Can you imagine if it was Chad Pennington throwing all of these interceptions?  You have got to love having a Hall of Fame career on your resume.

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