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Election Time: Vote Joe Klecko to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

By Tyson Rauch

The preliminary list of modern era nominees for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2009 has been announced and once again New York Jet great Joe Klecko is on it. This list is in the process of being dwindled down to 25 semifinalist nominees, which then gets broken down to 15. It is confusing to many Gang Green fans as to why Klecko does not get stronger consideration as he is the only player ever to make the Pro Bowl at three different positions (DE,DT,NT). In addition the 4 time pro bowler was a 3 time All-Pro, 1981 Defensive Player of the Year and tallied 77.5 sacks including leading the league with 20.5 in one season before it was an official statistic. Even more impressive than Klecko’s statistics was his determination, work ethic, strength and ability to play through pain. Joe gave his heart and soul to the game of football and it was clear the game was important to him.

So what is keeping Joe Klecko out of the Hall of Fame? Is it because his teams did not win enough or because the Jets are not known as a winning franchise? Is it because the Pro Football Hall of Fame is truly a popularity contest and unless you are a Raider, Cowboy, Steeler or Redskin you do not get serious consideration? Or does Joe not have the right guy representing him when his resume is being presented?

Whatever the case it is a true shame that Joe Klecko is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as he was one of the game’s greats and represented what the NFL was all about. A tough, physical player that left it all on the field and did whatever it took to try and win the game.

Parting Shots:
• Another week, another miss by Jay Feely. Anyone else see a problem with this?
• Shaun Ellis is quietly having an outstanding year and it could not happen to a better guy. Ellis has been through a lot with the Jets and deserves to have some success.
• Is it just me or does anyone else think the Jets/Titans game will be pushed to a night game?
• The Jets are coming off of a great win in Buffalo, what are the chances that Jets fans will actually show up this Sunday and make some noise for their beloved team?

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