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Tale of Two Halves

By Chris Silva

Jets fans can breathe a bit easier as it is true! There are two Halves to the NFL season.  We watched a Jets team agonize fans with inconsistent play and struggle to develop an identity.  However, there is a huge upside because Sunday’s game at Orchard Park was the turning point to this team’s season.

Huge strides were made by the entire team that is starting to define roles.  Kris Jenkins, Darrelle Revis, and Shaun Ellis are making it very clear they are the anchors of the defense.  Thomas Jones,  Laveranues Coles, Leon Washington, and Jerricho Cotchery have elevated their level of play and you’ll see consistent solid production for the rest of the season.  The rest of the supporting cast are starting to show huge improvement each week and a resilience to do their jobs well to help this team win.

As a whole, the Jets are starting to show how athletic of a team they are and the roster is filled with players with heart! That’s right heart; the secret ingredient to any teams success in any sport.  The players want to win and the win in Buffalo on Sunday is going to give this team the momentum they need to make a run at the division.  It’s up for grabs and the Jets can have it.  The mighty Patriots showed they can be rattled and they are!  You heard it here first, the Jets will go 6-2 the rest of the season and they will beat the Pats in Foxboro.  Also, look for Dustin Keller to play a much bigger role the rest of the season and remind us more of Dallas Clark.

Lets not forget about the Jets favorite topic, how did Brett play?  Well, not too bad but not that great.  The upside of things is that you saw him give the Jets a dimension they haven’t ever had, a quarterback who uses all his weapons.  He spread the ball and defense out very well.  Executed well under pressure and let the receivers make plays.  Favre has a knack for getting everybody involved in the offense and keeping the defense guessing.  He also controlled himself more than normal and we only saw one of his infamous picks this week.  He’s getting more comfortable in the offense and he’s going to put up a very big 2nd half.

The downside of things is that you’ll still see flashes of confusion where you left wondering if Brett is on the same field as everybody else.  Overall, his numbers weren’t as sexy as we would’ve liked to see, but he played a solid game to give the Jets a chance to win.  The entire team came together to win this game.  New York has been too critical of Brett since day one.  He’s only one piece of the puzzle and can’t do it all himself.  It takes a long time to develop chemistry with your teammates and even Hall of Famers have learning curves.  The mistakes are in the past and this team is going in the right direction.

Favre is taking this team to the playoffs!

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