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Ty Law Interview

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On how it feels to be back…
It feels good. I think I made the right decision overall. They made me feel good about coming back because I was real close to going elsewhere, but it’s a good situation to reunite with Eric [Mangini]. I get to play with Darrelle [Revis] and with some of the other guys. I feel like there is a little bit of unfinished business here. I had a chance to go out here, one year [in 2005]. It didn’t work out the way we liked it to, but I think we are on the right track and I am looking forward to it. I am a little tired but I’m excited.

On his daily routine…
I was training every day to play. I could have signed early in the off-season. A couple of opportunities came and went and I was kind of straddling the fence so it was borderline in what I wanted to do. I just didn’t want to go to anybody to finish out. I was semi-retired. I worked out every day. I had my trainer and continued to stay in shape, but every Sunday I was out there playing.

In the morning I would go out and try to simulate my own football game by myself with my trainer and then I would come back and watch some football. I just got the extra play and felt real strong a couple weeks ago. I am looking forward to getting back in football shape because I am in shape physically as far as wind and stuff like that, but it’s hard to go out there and actually hit somebody. That is going to be the adjustment for me, tackling and moving with somebody, but the conditioning and everything shouldn’t be a factor.

On how it feels playing for Coach Mangini…
It feels good. That was definitely one of my goals going into it, if I decided to continue to play, was to play with someone I was familiar with, a system I was familiar with — although Mangini changed up some terminology on me a little bit so it’s going to be an adjustment there. Overall mentally, physically and emotionally it’s draining. I think once I get the first game or two under my belt I’ll be back to my old self.

On if he is going to play Thursday…
That is what I plan on. I am anticipating going out there and playing the game and I am preparing to play. We will see what happens. The only thing you can do is go out there and wing it so that is what I am going to do because I can’t say that I am going to come in here in a day and pick up the whole system. I am going to be playing spot duty right now and going to try and help this team win.

On the good timing of getting to play at New England…
It definitely was, and it’s all part of the challenge to play against your former team. You get one day to go out there and prepare and really test your mental body. I don’t think it’s going to be so much physical as it is mental when you’re going out there. You are always going to have it. Even when I play the whole season I always had butterflies, I always had anxiety before games, and it’s just triple right now. I am excited.

On if it’s different being on this side of the rivalry…
I was on it before. It’s not new to me anymore. There have been players going back and forth with those teams for a long time. I am just happy to be back playing football and playing with some teammates I am familiar with, a coach I am familiar with and most importantly to get a chance to play with my hometown buddy, Darrelle Revis, and watch him grow and just helping him and mentoring as much as I can. That’s one of the reasons why I joined up as well.

On if he talked to the Patriots about signing with them…
Yes, I spoke with them a few times and it was pretty close. There is always going to be a relationship there with the Patriots organization and the fans. It was just that I chose to come here to New York, but I will always love the Patriots. I am a Jet right now and we have to play against them. Right now they have to be the enemy.

On if he looks forward to the challenge Thursday night…
Yes, definitely. I look forward to it. I would throw at me, too. Hell, I am just coming off, I haven’t played football. They called me old man. Throw at me. That is what any smart coach would do. I relish the opportunity, I look forward to the challenge and that is all you can do as a competitor because there has been times throughout my career where I couldn’t say that.

I pretty much would go into the game knowing they are not going to throw the ball at me. At least I know that I have to be prepared to go out there and play and like I said it’s going to be a challenge mentally because I am probably going to get more opportunities now than I will have ever seen in my career.

On how close he was to signing with the Patriots…
We talked and actually we talked a few times throughout the off-season. It just didn’t come to fruition. There was interest on both ends, but it’s also a mutual respect. We just didn’t come together and do it. I was also talking to Eric throughout the off-season.

I knew it was going to be, in my mind, even though other teams have approached me and I thought about it as soon as I became a free agent, that it was going to be Cleveland, New England or New York. At least that is what I hoped because I had formed relationships with them, I have relationships with those coaches.

I talked to Cleveland as well and I am glad that I got a chance to get my wish and play for one of those teams. I think there is no better time than now to come in, get warmed up and ready to roll and try to make a push for the playoffs.

On how enthused he is to be a part of the Jets…
Just watching them made me say, “You know what? I need to be out there playing football,” because I was straddling the fence for a while and saying, “Well, am I going to play? Am I not going to play.” And to see guys out there having fun, and to see Brett Favre still out there doing it …

People call me old. I see Bernard Hopkins, 43. I said, if he can knock somebody out at 43, I sure can cover somebody at 34. I am just happy that I am able to come out here and help as much as I can. Whatever they ask me to do, I am ready to do. I have pretty much been in every situation possible. It’s going to be fun, but I feel like a rookie again, especially when they say how they are going to utilize me. I am looking forward to it. There are going to be some different things.

On if he knows what his role is going to be…
Yes, and I am excited about it. It’s hard to come in and say, “You know what? You sign, you get to practice today, and next thing you know you are starting.” Guys who have been here, they built relationships with each other and they know what each other are going to do because they have played with each other. I just have to get in where I fit in right now and I will play and eventually probably be more than just a role player.

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