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Full Speed Ahead

By Tyson Rauch

Jets fans your team has won six of their last seven games and has sole possession of first place in the AFC East.  Your team is the highest scoring team in the AFC, has the conference’s leading rusher as well as one of the strongest run defenses.  Your team is being lead by a Hall of Fame quarterback who has a firm grasp on his offense and is utilizing all of his offensive weapons.

Jets fans it is time to stop finding reasons to be negative, whine, bitch and moan and embrace this team that is in the process of making a serious playoff run.  Stop being the fan base that coming off of an impressive win against the New England Patriots on the road continues to find fault with your beloved team.  Stop dwelling in the past as players like Brett Favre, Kris Jenkins and Alan Faneca had nothing to do with results from the last 15 years.  It is time to support this team with everything you have Jets fans and enjoy the ride as this team goes full speed ahead.

And one more thing, a loss this weekend IS NOT the end of the world.  Don’t be that typical Jets fan that has been mocked for years.  Be the fan that will show up fired up the following weekend as the Jets play a home game against the Broncos.  There is no reason that the stadium should not be jam packed and louder than it has been all season.  This team deserves at least that.

Parting Shots:
•  Is anyone else enjoying watching the “experts” eat crow with their analysis of the Jets?  Too bad very few can admit when they are wrong.
•  Vote your favorite Jets to the Pro Bowl!!  http://www.nfl.com/probowl/ballot

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