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Believe to Achieve

By Tyson Rauch

Does it get any better than this Jets fans? Back to back road wins against two of the best teams in the AFC.  Not to mention putting on one of the most dominating performances of the year against one of the most physical teams in the league.  This New York Jets team has won seven of their last eight games.  When was the last time you could say this about your New York Jets?  1998?

Throughout the first part of the season Gang Green struggled to establish its identity but it is now evident on both sides of the ball.  On defense, the Jets will shut down the running game and then attack the quarterback with their ferocious pass rush.  This approach makes the opponent one-dimensional, drastically changes game plans and often leads to turnovers.

On offense, the Jets approach is multi-faceted.  Gang Green can either come out throwing the ball to set up the power running game or come out running to set up the passing game. Either way the Jets are effectively utilizing all of their offensive weapons as they lead the AFC in scoring with 29.4 points a game.

So where do the Jets go from here? This week Gang Green takes on the AFC West leading Denver Broncos who are coming off of a terrible loss to the Oakland Raiders (sound familiar?). The Broncos have been decimated by injuries, especially at the running back position, but still possess a prolific passing attack lead by Jay Cutler.  On defense, Denver continues to struggle especially against the run (ranked 27th), which is something the Jets should capitalize on.   This is a game the Jets should win convincingly, especially at home.

There is a fear that this could be a ‘letdown’ game coming off of two statement victories, but I am not buying into it.  This team has come too far and with players like Brett Favre, Thomas Jones, Kerry Rhodes and Kris Jenkins leading the way, focus should not be an issue.  The New York Jets are on the verge of something special and there is no looking back now.

Believe to achieve my friends.

Parting Shot:

•    For all of you going to the game this Sunday:  GET LOUD! Many times in the past Jets fans have been criticized for leaving early, sitting on their hands so on and so forth.  This team deserves a raucous environment, especially when Denver is on offense.  These are the type of games we yearn to attend, make the most of it.

Join in on the NY Jets discussion and let us know if you believe.

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