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Jets Fans Get a Grip

By Chris Silva

Jets fans have been on an emotional roller coaster up until Sunday at about 4:20pm. The end of the Titans game seemed to be some type of revelation that this team is serious. My question is what made this week different than the previous week? Absolutely nothing! Merely a product of the paranoid, scared New York fans. The Jets have been a pleasure to watch all season because you could see the substantial improvement each game and Favre’s boyish love to play football.

Is this team going to the Super Bowl? Who knows we’ll just have to find out and see what happens. But, most certainly this week wasn’t the week the Jets made a crossover to a “legitimate team”. That happened a few weeks back and its was solidified when Favre marched down the field at Foxboro and won.

After the game on Sunday night and into Monday morning the blogs were filled with Jets fans who were talking Super Bowl. Better yet, they were talking Super Bowl and asking for the defending champion Giants to be there waiting! Speculation will always happen in this city as it seems people want that more than the actual outcome. But, there’s always the flip side we bring out; the terrified fans are still in denial that this team is good. I’m reading posting on the web ” Well, this team isn’t good they lost to the Raiders and Chargers on the road” or “They still haven’t proved they can consistently beat good teams.”  Silly talk is one way to put the comments out there by fans.

I ask very adamantly, Jets Fans Get a Grip! Stop talking silly and waiting for the misery to happen. Enjoy this season as its one we will never forget. It is our chance to rally behind a Hall of Fame Quarterback and take a stab at greatness. Nothing is handed to anybody in any area of life. Hard work, dedication, talent, and positive attitudes are what brings success to people. Jets fans have none of the above. Fans would prefer to cower in the corner only to jump out and celebrate after the final whistle of the Super Bowl is blown with a Jets win. Tough!  Stop being scared and get into the game.

Any knowledgeable football fan can give a fair and critical opinion on the Jets play. They have been a team trying to build an identity throughout camp and through seven weeks of football. But, they found it and now they’re clicking on all cylinders. This is a different team than the first few weeks of the season and we all need to get over that. Lets throw the old ways out. I’d like everybody to stop being worried, scared, and hurt just root for the team. If you want to achieve greatness, why not step and play the hero?

Do you have the guts?

I don’t want to come across as if a bitter rant by another Jets fan. However, this is the greatest times in New York sports. Within two years, we could possibly have the best teams in all four of the major sports ( yes, that includes the Knicks and Rangers). Ownership is working very hard to put a better product on the field and we should be acknowledging that. I give huge praise to Jets scouting department as you can see they may know a thing or two. Look up and down the roster at the homegrown talent contributing to this teams success. Jets fans you want fear and pain, try being a Buffalo Bills or Arizona Cardinals fan you’ll change your tune!

I’m going to enjoy this wild ride of a season and if it ends going up in a blaze at the end I’ll still have had the season of a lifetime. Jets fans get a grip and give this team everything you got! Take a look at Tyson’s article, he’s right make us stop begging you to get off your chairs and cheer these guys on!

Chris Silva is a freelance writer for Jetnation.com and producer of a New York baseball show called NY Baseball Digest that you can find at www.nybaseballdigest.com.

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