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Win Out or Get Out

By Tyson Rauch

Another west coast trip, another embarrassing performance from Gang Green.  The Jets who were once considered a legitimate Super Bowl contender are crawling down the stretch with a chance of missing the playoffs altogether.  While it is easy to sit back and analyze what has gone wrong with this team, why waste the time as the season is on the brink and you cannot change the past. The time is now for coach Eric Mangini to get his team prepared and focused on winning the next 3 games.  The time is now to stop playing like pretenders, show up and earn your paychecks.  You think you are a big time team? Play like one.  You think you are a legitimate playoff team? Play like one. You want some respect in the NFL? Earn it.

There are a variety of ways the Jets can make the playoffs but for me it is either win the next 3 games or go home.  This should not be too much to ask as the Jets are playing 2 teams that are struggling in the Bills and Seahawks and finish up with the Dolphins.

If coach Eric Mangini and crew cannot accomplish this task, then changes need to be made starting with the coaching staff.  If 2008 becomes a lost season for Gang Green with all of the offseason moves and money spent on personnel, then it is time to find a new leader on the sidelines.  Enough is enough.  Coach Mangini you force fed your systems and philosophies to this organization; it is time to prove they can win in this league.  You have had built in excuses in the past from getting the right players to fit the system, to injuries, to not having the right quarterback. This is your team, with your players, and your systems, either win out or get out.

Parting Shots:
• How long until the boo birds come out this Sunday at the Meadowlands?  My bet is the first time the Jets punt from the opponent’s 38-yard line.
• Did anyone else get the feeling that once you paid for your playoff tickets, the Jets would fall apart?
• Does Kerry Rhodes still play for the Jets? Bryan Thomas?
• Why is it that Shaun Ellis gets busted for marijuana and it makes headlines in the local papers while Giant Kareem McKenzie gets nailed with a DWI and it is a side note?

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