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Same Old Jets

By Tyson Rauch

What was once thought to be a promising season has come to a crashing halt.  The New York Jets in embarrassing fashion lost to the Seattle Seahawks 13-3.  There are many culprits to point out from the horrific play calling, to Laveranues Coles having butter fingers, to the defense forgetting how to tackle.

Does this song ever change Jets fans?

Let’s keep in mind the Jets were playing for their playoff lives which are now on life support at best.  One would think that a team coming off of three disappointing performances in  a row would rally the troops and get things together.  Not this team, nice job coach Eric Mangini.

Where is the fire in this team? Where is the aggressive, physical attitude that wins tough games in December?  Where are the leaders on the team that refuse to lose?  Where is the team that was able to beat the Patriots and Titans in dominating fashion?  Granted there still is a chance that the Jets can make the playoffs with a win next week and a New England loss but who are we kidding the Patriots are 23-2 in December over the past 5 years.

What makes things even worse the New York Jets are now a team in turmoil. If anyone in the front office has any type of sense head coach Eric Mangini will be fired and clearly Brett Favre will retire.  So once again the Jets will be looking for a new leader and a quarterback that will lead them to a championship.  If history dictates anything both moves will end up as failures.  Same old Jets.
Parting Shots
  1. With Seattle up 13-3 and running out the clock what was Kerry Rhodes doing taunting the Seahawks after making a routine play?  Kerry I think you may have gone too Hollywood.
  2. Laveranues Coles was adamant about getting a new contract and the Jets caved in guaranteeing his deal.  Mr. Coles you have been a warrior for years but at this point maybe a change of scenery is in order.  I understand you miss your friend Chad Pennington but dropping balls that are hitting you in the hands is just inexcusable.  You want big time money, play like a big time player.
  3. Coach Mangini’s likes to portray a stoic nature would it kill you to show some emotion when your defense makes a big play right in front of you?  Ty Law made a huge play right in front of you and all you do is stand there? Players feed off of emotion and you have none.

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