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Brett should set Jets free

By Tyson Rauch

When the New York Jets acquired Brett Favre it was thought by many that he was the final piece of the puzzle for a team in ‘win now’ mode.  Well the 2008 season has come and gone and things did not work out as planned with Gang Green failing to make the playoffs. This disappointing season has led the Jets to fire their head coach and re-evaluate all of the personnel on the roster.  One of the most important questions they will have to answer is at the quarterback position.  Will Brett Favre be their leader for 2009 or should they find a new leader?  The better question is will they even have a choice?

When Gang Green acquired Brett Favre they understood it was on a year-to-year basis as retirement is continuously pondered by the Hall of Fame gunslinger.  The Jets understood that at the end of the season Brett would take time to evaluate his situation and decide on what he wants to do, play another year or retire.  Well Brett you have brought a lot of excitement to the Jets organization, sold tons of jerseys and made Gang Green relevant in the NFL. You proved to everyone that you could still play at very high level even after missing an entire offseason program with a new team.  There is nothing left to prove Mr. Favre and it is now time for you to walk off into the sunset.  This decision will be tough to make, but it is what is best for both you and the New York Jets.

Let Gang Green head in a different direction with their new leader without having to worry about carrying you along.  Let the Jets new head coach implement his offense and build a relationship with a quarterback that he can win with over an extended period of time. Let the New York Jets be free of this potential drama as you can begin to write your Hall of Fame acceptance speech.  Let the Jets be free of your contract, as you will always be remembered as one of the best.

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