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Bassett recaps the interviews over at the Jets Blog.

Here’s a compiled list of who’s out there for the Jets right now …

Interviewed Already

Brian Schottenheimer, Jets (Offensive Coordinator) — The Star-Ledger reported that internal sources say he’s the top of the list as of Sunday. Tannenbaum was supposedly “impressed” with him.

Bill Callahan, Jets (OL Coach Assistant Head Coach) — He interviewed, and no one seems to know or be reporting anything else.

Steve Spagnuolo, Giants (Defensive Coordinator) — Interviewed Saturday, reportedly wasn’t as prepared as other candidates according to internal sources.

There’s Interest

Rex Ryan, Ravens (Defensive Coordinator) — Confirmed but has yet to interview due to his team’s status in the playoffs.

Russ Grimm, Cardinals (Assistant Head Coach) — Confirmed but has yet to interview due to his team’s status in the playoffs.

Jeff Jagodzinski, Boston College (Head Coach) — The college coach has flatly denied that he is interested, as most college coaches would for recruiting purposes. It’s rumored that he will be fired if he even interviews with the Jets.

Brian Billick — The Former Ravens Coach and SuperBowl victor could be a candidate for the job and might meet this week with the team.

Potential Candidates?

Ron Rivera, Chargers (Defensive Coordinator) — Supposedly on the list, but nothing confirmed yet.

Leslie Frazier, Vikings (Defensive Coordinator) — Nothing confirmed as of yet, but speculated.

Ron Meeks, Indianapolis (Defensive Coordinator) — Is supposedly going to interview this week.

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