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Debunking the PSL Pressure Myths

By Tyson Rauch

The New York Jets, after a monumental late season collapse, decided to fire their head coach Eric Mangini.  Ever since that point there has been this preconceived notion that the Jets are under intense pressure to make ‘big time’ moves to appease their fan base.  The story is that Gang Green has to restore the confidence of their fans because they have to sell Personal Seat Licenses in the new stadium.

So let me get this straight, the Jets need to make a power move not to get a winning product on the field, but to sell seat licenses?  So how exactly does this work?

Scenario A) The New York Jets go out and sign a ‘big shot’ coach like Bill Parcells or Bill Cowher.  Myth: Season ticket holders thank the Jets for proving that they want to win and shell out $5,000 per seat in licensing fees, in addition to $250 per game for 2 seats.

Scenario B) The Jets either beg Brett Favre to return or bring in another superstar quarterback to lead the Jets.  Myth: Season ticket holders rejoice, as the Jets are a contender, open up their wallets and spend their child’s college tuition on Personal Seat Licenses.

Am I missing something?  As a long time season ticket holder I can tell you two things.

1) The New York Jets could not care less about the fans.  This is the same organization that raised ticket prices off of a 4-12 season.  This is the same team that wanted fans to pay a fee to sit on a waiting list for tickets.  Did I mention that the Jets are amongst the most expensive tickets in the NFL, ranking in the top 5?

2) The New York Jets will be able to sell their PSLs regardless of the Jets record.  Lets face it, most fans talk a great game about never going to a game again, to only show up in the parking lot the following September. In the situations where those fans do give up their seats, a person waiting years will purchase available tickets immediately.  It is the case of supply and demand in one of the biggest sports markets in the world.  Sad but true my friends.

So let’s stop the myths of how the Jets have to make a splash in order to sell seats in the new stadium.  The seats are as good as sold regardless.

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