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Janine Bange: Head Coach Candidate?

Janine Bange is a huge NY Jets fan and she also wants to be the next head coach. She has been written about on thejetsblog and her supporters have started a facebook group to get her hired.  Janine recently took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us and answer our questions.  We asked her about her vision for the NY Jets.

What specific changes would you make as head coach?
In order for me to become the new head coach, I would have to get Woody to hire me.  So first of all, I’d have to call him Mr. Johnson and, in my interview, I would make it clear that the organization’s first responsibility is to the fans, without whose support we go nowhere.  I would strongly suggest to Mr. Johnson that he become a real fan so that he would be better able to understand what turns us on.  How about some real fan appreciation?  How about some type of recognition/reward system whereby the most faithful fans receive some perks, like rebates on tickets and game-day giveaways?  As the head coach, I would be happy to welcome a select group of fans to our locker room each week, and I would strongly urge Mr. Johnson to attend as well.  He should let the team and the fans know that he is behind them 100%.   In that vein, I would strongly suggest that he hire a general manager who puts the team’s best interests ahead of his own.  You cannot expect the “problem” to fix the “problem”!

After convincing Mr. Johnson to hire me, I would motivate, personally, and with positive outside sources, to keep the guys focused on each other as a team, on the goal, and on the prize. I may fire the cheerleaders who are nothing but a distraction.  I’m not saying that as a female, I am saying that as a fan.

Who would be your Defensive Coordinator?
Rex Ryan – we need a guy to bring in big guys and we need a DC that can conquer “the tackle”.

Offensive Coordinator?
At this point, it would remain Shottenheimer.

Special Teams Coach?
Mike Westhoff.

Under your guidance how would you handle players when they complain or stay out too late and shoot themselves in the thigh?
They are grown men but I would always expect decent and law-abiding behavior.  When and if their behavior affects my team…they sit.  When it doesn’t, they keep on keeping on.

Any words for the fans? As an executive of the NY Jets, what your stance be on PSL’s?
I would suggest that Mr. Johnson review his ticket pricing plans.  PSLs, forcing ticket holders to buy preseason tickets, and outrageous price increases, are seriously jeopardizing fan loyalty.  Not only are fans turned off, many simply can no longer afford to go!

Given a 5 year contract, how many super bowl victories are you willing to guarantee?
Guarantee I cannot, wouldn’t even want to disappoint my fellow fans anymore then they have already been.  I would say I’d be an honest, fair, motivational, high energy, super supportive coach and fan.  That I can guarantee.  My energy would explode my boys into the playoffs…maybe all 5 years.

Will the team play hard for you?
Without a doubt, I would accept nothing less.

What coach did you learn more from about the game of football;  Mangini, Edwards, Groh?

Honestly none of the above.  I learned with maturity, from my father and brothers, and from the Fan and the announcers.  One thing I did gather from Edwards is how to be so much more careful with the time clock.  Mangini, in tight spots with only a second to make a decision, would usually choose the wrong one, and Groh….uhhh no comment.

Would you bring Brett Favre back?  Why?
No question about it…No!  I liked him as a person, I liked him as a Packer, I liked him as an exceptional QB, all past tense.  He is not a Jet and will never be.  He’s a distraction.  I feel he was and maybe is extremely selfish and if I’m going to create a winning team and positive surroundings, we’re starting fresh and developing a franchise QB, not one that should never have been invited.  It was a slap in the face to many, and set the team up for failure.

Do you anticipate any problems with a post game handshake in Foxboro with Bill Belichick?
Ha ha, absolutely not.  When we win game after game, will Belichick even show up at midfield?  Media feeds off drama and my team will be drama free.  If he shows up, I’ll shake his hand, wink and keep on movin’.

Will your job be easier or harder since you will be the second straight female coach for the Jets?
Wow a lot more difficult…I won’t be hiding it.

Thanks for your time Janine.   Good luck with your interview and go Jets!  You can join in on the conversation in our forums.

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