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Happy 4th Birthday JetNation


Written by Max

On February 16, 2005 the name JetNation.com was registered.  The goal at that time was to create a home for Jets talk.  A place that was fun and allowed fans to speak their mind about the team, good – bad or indifferent.  Over that time we have seen these head coaches:

  • Herman Edwards
  • Eric Mangini
  • Rex Ryan

Sadly, there has been more bad than good for our beloved Jets. Over the past four years the Jets have only won 27 games.  There has been a lot of PSL talk, a thread or two about Brett Favre, three head coaches and plenty of heartbreaking moments that only the Jets know how to deliver.

What have I learned in that time?

That Jets fans are, by far, the most dedicated fans in the NFL.  The talk isn’t always positive.  Many of us have never seen this team make the Super Bowl.  The pain is obvious.  What sets Jets fans apart is the passion.  Win or lose, the passion is there.  During the season, after the season, the passion is always there.

So Jets fans, I want to thank YOU for making this site possible.  Four years, four thousand members and over one million posts.  Thank you for hanging in there and sharing your thoughts with us.  Because of your loyalty, what started out as a small site with just a handful of regular posters, has grown to be the most heavily trafficked NY Jets fan site on the internet.

Happy Birthday JetNation.  Thank you, Jets fans, for making this site great.

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