Welcome to Thunderdome

By Doug Cantor

Well, here we go.  Hello Jetnation, this is my first post here in this fabulous new blog offered to me by Max, and there’s really not much to explain.  It’s a draft blog, and I’m a draft writer.  I’ve written for a few sites, been on the radio a few times, and now I’m here.  Over the next several weeks, I’ll be going through prospects, rounds, picks, and needs of the Jets.  If there’s anybody in particular you’d like to hear my opinion on, by all means, ask away.  If you’d like to inquire as to how any free agent signing or trade of ours might affect the possibilities of us drafting for any position, post away.   Any suggestions for the direction of the blog, by all means, feel free to give them.

Just a heads up as well, sometimes I post stuff unrelated to the draft.  I’ll do it because I still think it holds relevance, , couldn’t think of something to post that day, or just out of boredom.

And with that, away we go…

I suppose the best place to start is evaluating how the Scott addition impacts what we’ll be doing in the early rounds.   Truth be told, it impacts it tremendously.  Scott’s addition brings a new dimension of versatility to the linebacking core, simply due to the fact that they now have versatility in the middle to go along with the versatility on the outside.  Pace is going to flourish in Ryan’s system, and Thomas should be able to show more consistency.  Inconsistency has plagued his career, but there’s no doubt that the guy is an impact player when he’s on his A-game.  Scott’s vocal mentality should play a large role in bringing consistency to his game and also take coverage pressure off him and Pace, allowing both to do what they do best, getting after the quarterback.

Another bonus that comes off of this is that, barring injury, his addition solidifies a foursome that should be effective on the field which Gholston should be able to continue to learn under.  Mangini’s “read and react” scheme was never a fit for him, but Ryan’s attack philosophy is, and Scott’s played what Ryan will hope to be his role in it eventually; at an All Pro level no less.

Thus, the addition of Scott allows the Jets maneuverability in the early rounds in the fact that they can chase depth, but they won’t have to do so until the second day.  David Bowens has been released, and outside of Gholston, there is now zero depth on the LB front.  While the Jets have more pressing needs in terms of starters (namely wide reciever, safety, and cornerback), the fact that the strength of this defense is going to be built on its linebackers (as it was for Ryan in Baltimore), stresses the need for depth immediately.

That’s about it for today, I’ll try to mix it up with need posts like this one, ranking posts…etc.  You get the point.  Enjoy the weekend folks, and please say a prayer for Johan Santana’s elbow.

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