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Money Ball

By Tyson Rauch

How can the New York Jets be experiencing financial difficulties?

In these tough economic times many people across the country are struggling to get by financially.  From worrying about having enough money to make a mortgage or utility payment, to the daily fear of losing your job, everyone is feeling the pain of the struggling economy.  Even the New York Jets football organization.  The New York Jets reportedly will be forcing the employees in business operations to take two weeks of unpaid leave this off-season.  This action is being taken in order to prevent the Jets organization from laying people off.

So let me get this straight, just to avoid any confusion.  The New York Jets, who just last year moved into a $75 million dollar state of the art football complex, are cutting payroll expenses.  The same team that committed over $140 million dollars in free agent contacts in 2008 is worried about having the ability to pay employees.  The same organization that felt it was necessary to build a $1.5 billion dollar stadium, when it was already playing in a satisfactory venue, is feeling the need to reduce to some costs.  The same management team that will be receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in seat licensing revenue is asking their employees to go two weeks without pay.  Are you kidding me?

The New York Jets are a part of a billion dollar sports industry. The Jets play in the media capitol of the world, which generates substantial revenue through television deals as well as marketing arrangements.  Add in the fact that the Jets are amongst the top ten in terms of highest ticket prices in the NFL.  How in the world can the Jets management team look their employees in the eyes and tell them they need to take 2 weeks off without pay?  Probably the same way they can look at a loyal season ticket holder and inform them they need to pay $10,000 in Personal Seat Licensing Fees and $400 per ticket, per game to watch the team they love.

In these desperate economic times one would think that Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets, would be embarrassed to take money away from his employees.  How about applying some of the revenue from the “Brett Favre experience” to cover your payroll concerns?

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