Jet News Ryan Will Find QB On Roster has an article that stating the next Jets QB is already on the roster.

“We want a guy that’s going to lead the league in wins,” Ryan said during last week’s NFL Annual Meeting at Dana Point, Calif. “We don’t care about leading it in passing yards or any of this other stuff. He just has to understand it’s about the team. It’s a big part, but … he doesn’t have to be the solution, he just has to be part of the solution.”

For the most part, the No. 1 trait Ryan wants in his quarterback is exactly what you’d expect from a defensive-oriented coach: “Don’t be careless with the football.”

New head coach Rex Ryan is happy that the three young QBs on the roster (Clemens, Ratliff, Ainge) are all familiar with the Jets offense.

“I am very comfortable with our quarterback situation,” Ryan said. “We were very fortunate to keep Brian Schottenheimer as our coordinator, so that’s going to make it much easier on these guys. They’re not coming in learning a brand new system. They’re almost veterans in that system. It’s going to be a physical thing, not a mental thing.

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