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Jay Cutler Traded To Chicago

Jets fans:  Stop talking about Jay Cutler.  He isn’t coming to NY.  He was traded to the Bears and in return the Bronocs received two first round picks, a third round pick and QB Kyle Orton.  The Broncos give up a fifth round draft pick in addition to trading Jay Cutler.

This is good news even though many Jets fans won’t see it that way.  Last year proved that winning the “off season” doesn’t equate to winning games on the field.  The Jets have a strong running game and are trying to build a strong defense.  Bringing a strong armed, me-first QB into the mix (for a second straight season) would not be in the teams best interests.

Let the Clemens, Ratliff and Ainge debate rage on once more.  You can discuss this with other Jets fans in our forums.

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