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Brett Favre Released

Earlier this week it was announced that the Jets had released Brett Favre.  He was on the reserved retired list and he has stated several times that he had no intention of playing football any longer.  The move (release) didn’t even seem newsworthy.

Dave Hutchinson wrote on that Favre asked for his unconditional release twice.

Sure, the Jets didn’t have to grant Favre his wish, but they had nothing to gain by holding onto him and trying to get some compensation (he cost them a third-round pick) if a team wanted to sign him. They felt a mid-round draft pick (at best) wasn’t worth the headache.

What is next?  Who knows, with Brett Favre you just never know.  If he is forcing his release there is a chance he is coming back.  Now he is a free agent so let the games begin.  Can a press conference where Brett tells the world that “he always wanted to be a Viking?” be in his future?

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