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Jets Lose Jenn Sterger To Free Agency

D057059028.JPGWhat a week for Jets fans.  Brett Favre to the Vikings was a hot rumor and then Erik Boland left the Jets to cover the Yankees.  What else could go wrong you ask?

Jenn Sterger is leaving the Jets to pursue her acting career.  Those riveting gameday sideline interviews will just be a memory.  No more stuttering, no more awkward moments from this super hottie.  When Adam Sandler shows up, when Paul Rudd shows up, they will not be talking to Jenn Sterger.  I am sure that the game day experience for these celebrities will never be the same.

For fan reaction or to wish Jenn luck please visit our forums.  Here is one fans thoughts on the subject of Jenn Sterger:

Sterger was hot when she was the random college chick on TV who wound up in Maxim with her friends. Then the Jets made her wear “clothes” and speak…not so hot after that.

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