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Leon Washington’s Agent Busy On Twitter

You may have heard that Leon Washington isn’t present at the OTA workouts.  We are not sure what Leon Washington is doing but we can tell you that his agent, Alvin Keels, is one busy man.  What is Alvin doing?  Updating his twitter account. The Jets are negotiating with a man who wrote these updates over the past few days:

How about this Andre Smith story? I’m in a heated battle right now to win his business back. We are in the bottom of the 9th. Root me on!

Positive talk with the Jets today. Jets fans everything will be fine. Myself and Mike T will put our heads together and continue to work

I want to get my client Leon Washington back into the off-season program. Its a business however and that’s what we will need 2 address

Good morning to all. I have a lot of work on my plate today. I’m hoping to have a productive conversation with the Jets today

I think the Jets are a little pissed at me right now! Oh well…its part of the business

Hey Leon, this man is representing you and he is writing that the “Jets are a little pissed” on the web.  We know you want a new contract but you have been all class your entire career (middle finger on the football card excluded).  Take control of your “brand” and handle matters privately.  Alvin Keels giving Twitter updates on your negotiation is unprofessional.

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