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JN Thoughts On "Main Stream Media"

In our forums right now there are two hot topics being discussed pertaining to the main stream media.  Are journalists biased and do they let that impact what they write?

Message board poster flgreen brings up an excellent point about writers taking credit for scoops.  What happens when the scoop is wrong?  Does that actually happen?  Because we rarely hear anyone admitting when they are wrong.

Of all the papers, and news outlets in NY the NY Daily News was the only paper that stated that the woman had directly accused Rhodes of Rape. It was a lie. The Daily news article came out at 1:30 PM. They had plenty of time to verify what ever they printed.

They didn’t bother to do it.

Another discussion going on right now pertains to Gary Myers.  Is his article too critical of newly drafted QB Mark Sanchez?  At some point production on the field should become the only thing that the main stream media really cares about.

We think that Erik Boland is going to be missed greatly now that he is no longer covering the Jets.  Tell us what you think in our forums.

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