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Jets OTA Updates Courtesy Of Twitter

Twitter and the NFL = perfect together.  Well not really but many players and agents are using the tool to communicate like never before.  Because of Twitter we know that Thomas Jones was present and accounted for yesterday in Florham Park for OTAs (organized team activities).  Jones’ agent Drew Rosenhaus tell us this via twitter:

Things went well today for Thomas Jones and the Jets. I’m confident he will pick up right where he left off from last year’s Pro Bowl.

What about Leon Washington you ask? Well, he was not part of the OTAs yesterday.  He is still a no-show.  Leon’s agent Alvin Keels also talks a lot on twitter.  He didn’t give us an update about Leon although he did tell us that it was a great win for the Lakers last night and that he needs to lose some weight (posted on 5/26):

I am about to get this 2 mile run in. After the way I ate this weekend I might need to run 5 miles today. I really cheated on the diet

Since we feel so strongly that Leon Washington should be with his team, we reached out to Alvin Keels and asked him to remind Leon that OTAs were underway.  No rush, whenever he has time.

@AlvinKeels Hi Alvin. After the NBA season is over, please call Leon Washington and remind him Jets OTAs are underway? Much appreciated.

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