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Jets Updates; Jones, Sanchez and Ryan

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post gave a few Jets updates yesterday.  Specifically related to Thomas Jones and Mark Sanchez;

There’s talk that the Jets might consider a trade for running back Thomas Jones, which might make sense at some point in camp once they have a handle on Shonn Greene’s talents. Also, I hear the Jets are working extra hard to make sure first rounder Mark Sanchez is signed and ready for camp. They plan on making sure a deal is done earlier rather than later, although it might affect other players in the top seven. Doing a deal early isn’t always a good thing for the teams — just ask the Lions.

Here is an interesting tidbit about Rex Ryan.  The fear we have with Ryan is 100% related to his mouth.  It is a nice new culture to be more aggressive and speak your mind.  There is a line though and Ryan needs to make sure he doesn’t cross it by saying too much (Buddy Ryan syndrome).

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan will not back down from the Patriots; in fact, he welcomes the challenge. Ryan spoke Wednesday about how he didn’t come here to “kiss Bill Belichick’s rings.” Ryan has unique leadership skills, including an ability to engage his team, making them believers. Once the Jets learn Ryan’s defensive system, they will become more effective as a defense. I suspect early in the season they’ll make some mental mistakes, but once they grasp the package, they’ll be very good. This team under Ryan will play hard all season.

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