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Own A Piece Of History

Jets Stadium SeatsWell Jets fans with the new stadium right around the corner, this is your chance to own a piece of history.  For the low price of $499.99 you can own a pair of seats.  No, you can’t request certain seats.  So if you took good care of your seat you might be out of luck.  You may end up with the seat of the creepy guy who sat next to you, soiling himself, for years.

You can buy the seats from the jets shop.  Here are some more details:

  • The Meadowlands Stadium Seats will be sold in pairs.
  • Price and quantity reflect the seats being sold in pairs.
  • You may request a seat color (Red or Blue), pending availability.
  • You will NOT be able to request specific seats or location of seats.
  • Seats will be pulled from the bowl “as-is”, boxed on-site, and shipped 8-10 weeks after the last home game. The seats will undergo little to no cleaning or refurbishing.
  • The seats will come with brackets that will hold the seats up and allow them to be fixed to a base that will not be included (customers will need to provide their own base).

Do you have a found memory of your seat that you would like to share?  Tell us all about it here.

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