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J.J. Jones Dies In House Fire

Ex Jet quarterback John “J.J.” Jones has died in a house fire that is being labeled as suspicious.  J.J. Jones was once the 3rd string QB behind Joe Namath.  JJ Jones joined us here at in March of 2008 and posted an update on his life (reprinted below).

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Answer to “Where Is J. J. Jones Now?”

Thank you for the interest that has been taken to find out what happened to John “J.J.” Jones. I am alive and well and still involved in minority business and community development activities around the world, as you can see from the news and information attachments below found at my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee’s The Mid South Tribune Newspaper’s web site

As far as my football career is concerned, I forfeited it when I shared with the New York media and the whole world the private words told me by new Head Coach Lou Holtz that He had never had a Black Quarterback play for him that and he never would. I left New York City headed for the Calgary Stampeders Canadian Football League Team to replace their Quarterback Joe Pisarchek just one week before General Manager Andy Robistelli of the New York Giants called for me to come play Quarterback for him with the Giants. So, you know the infamous history of that story of Joe “P” and the Philadelphia Eagles’ last play of the game fumble return for a touchdown that took Joe “P” to Philly.

In any case, my sports career reward can be summed up in a statement made by National Football League Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon when he gave credit to former Los Angeles Rams Quarterback “James Harris” and a “couple of others” for his being able to play Quarterback in the NFL. I met Warren Moon when he visited Mount Zion my church home in Seattle and I told him I was one of those “couple of others!” The other Black Quarterback pioneer in the National Football League was the Late “Jefferson Street” Joe Gilliam from Tennessee State University, which by the way was one of only three National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football teams in 1973 that was undefeated and untied. I was Quarterback for the 1973 undefeated untied Fisk University Bulldogs located on that same “Jefferson Street” in Nashville, Tennessee.

I gave up my professional football career in the National Football League so that other African American Quarterback/Athletes that followed me from the likes of Doug Williams, Randle Cunningham, Rodney Peete to Vince Young and even Mike Vick could a real chance to play QB in the NFL like, the only man to win championships in the old American Football League and the National Football League, Weeb Ewbanks gave me with the New York Jets. Weeb was like a father, who in-fact died just two days after my Father Negro National Baseball League Memphis Red Sox Catcher Clinton “Casey” Jones.

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Best regards,
John Eddie “J.J.” Jones, Second Vice President
Pacific Northwest Chapter National Black Chamber of Commerce
Pacific Rim Development Group LLC
Housing, Development and Construction Management Services
University Place, Washington 98467

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