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JetNation.com Announces Poster Rehab

For Immediate Release:  JetNation.com Opens Enrollment For Poster Rehab Program

JetNation.com is pleased to announce that it will soon be providing rehabilitation for additional internet posters, free of charge.  The site which was founded in 2005 prides itself on being a poster refuge.  There are numerous documented cases of posters that were banned from other sites becoming model citizens after graduating from the JN Poster Rehab Program.

Think of it as night school for those who show great potential but struggle at times. We review their posts and show them how to become a better poster. Our graduates:

  • Feel less rage
  • Deal with adversity better
  • Are better equipped to handle message board confrontation in a positive and constructive manner

We can not tell you about our specific methods. We do require all students sign a liability waiver.  I will say that this years class, will receive less water boarding than in years past.  That method is being phased out.  Our condolonces to the Johnson family and we assure you that the mishap of 2007 will not happen again.

Anyway classes are filling up fast.  Please click here to sign up.  For questions or comments please feel free to visit the rehab discussion thread.

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