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Have the NY Jets finally out priced their fan base?

By Tyson Rauch

Over the past 6 months the New York Jets have been telling anyone that was willing to listen how great ticket sales have been for their franchise. The Jets proclaimed that they were a team that had no problem selling out their stadium and even had a waiting list full of fans waiting for their chance to purchase seats. Fast-forward to the first week of August and it appears that Gang Green is pressing the panic button in terms of ticket sales. For the first time in as long as I can remember the New York Jets are offering season tickets to the general public. And to top things off they are offering a 20% discount in addition to other perks if you purchase the seats now. Are you kidding me?

The New York Jets, an NFL team that plays in one of the biggest markets in the country, is having a hard time selling out their stadium.

So where did the Jets go wrong? Could it have been the exorbitant Personal Seat Licensing program that is being rolled out for the 2010 season? Or the fact that Jets have not won a championship in over 40 years but continue to be amongst the highest priced tickets in the National Football League? Or maybe it is how the Jets spent over $75 million dollars on their training facility only to have their training camp 4 hours away from it?

Regardless of the answer the New York Jets have finally alienated their diehard group of fans. A once proud group that loved to bring their passion and energy to the stadium has been priced out of the building. Can you imagine the attendance issues next year when the Jets are looking to get between $400-700 per seat in certain areas of the stadium?

Parting Shot: As a tenured season ticket holder will I get any type of refund since tickets are now being sold at a 20% discount? Or is that just another ‘perk’ of being a long time season ticket holder?

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