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Brandon Marshall Skips Practice

Brandon Marshall is the definition of a # 1 wide receiver.  He has the size, 6’4″.  He is young (25) and in each of the past two seasons he caught more than 100 passes.  He wants out of Denver in a bad way.  The Jets need help at wide receiver in an even bigger way.

What is the hold up you ask?

Well for one, Marshall wasn’t at practice on Thursday.  That is okay though, take a look at his workout at camp earlier this week.  Dropping passes on purpose.  Walking instead of running during drills.  This guy obviously wants out of Denver in a bad way.

If the Jets pull the trigger on a Marshall trade, they better be sure they can get him focused.  All the talent in the world won’t matter if a player is mailing it in.

Tell us what you think the Jets should do?

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