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Home Opener Blackout?

blackoutIs there a possibility that the Jets – Patriots game in the Meadowlands on 9/20 will be blacked out?  NFL rules state that any game that is not sold out, must be blacked out.  What that means is it can not be shown on TV in the local market.  The thought being people will have more incentive to buy a ticket to the game if they can’t see it on TV.

We have been writing and half joking about this possibility for awhile, mostly in reference to 2010 ticket sales. But anyone who was at the game the other night vs the Eagles saw a LOT of ads about 2009 tickets.  The Jets won’t say how many seats are left for 2009. I think it is safe to assume that if it is a small amount Woody would just “buy them” to save face and have the game be shown. A black out would hurt 2010 sales I think because people would be pissed even more and would realize they can live without the Jets.

What if there are 8,000 seats available? I am not saying there are or there will be but if the # is higher than the Jets are willing to purchase, is it actually possible that they will be blacked out locally?  We put this question up to the members in our forums and received some interesting feedback.


I think there is a possibility a game will be blacked out i went to ticketmaster and requested 10 tickets just to see what happens that is the most u can request and to my shock 10 tickets were available in the same section same row all together i think it was section 337 row 21 seats 17-26 if i remember correctly but i do think the jets pats game will be sold out but i also think there will be a blackout later in the year if this team starts 2-6. If this happens woody would have to cancel the psl’s cause if he doesnt blackouts will be the norm in 2010.


No way, cbs or whatever channel will buy out the tickets. No way do they let the biggest game of the year get blacked out.


I hope there are blackouts this year. Because if what everyones saying is true, that they’ll drop the PSL’s next year – I’ll be able to afford season tickets again. And since everyone lost their spot on the waiting list, Getting season tickets for just this year may have been the best thing I’ve ever done.

So long as it works like that.

Blackouts may or may not happen.  Regardless the fact that it is a possibility two weeks before a game show how bad things are with ticket sales.  If we posted an article like this before the new stadium ticket sales began it would have seemed like an impossibility.  How could the Jets get so many long time season ticket holders to say no thanks?  How could the Jets go through an entire season ticket waiting list and still not be sold out?


You can see other fan reaction and add your thoughts here.

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