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Jets Punt Yet Another Punter

Somewhere, Ben Graham is laughing.  Ever since the Jets waived him they have struggled to find a replacement.  Punting a football shouldn’t be that hard.  Should it?  Reggie Hodges was rumored to be out before training camp started.  Despite the Jets bringing in a few punters to compete with him, he survived training camp.

Yesterday the Jets brought in A.J. Trapasso and waived Reggie Hodges.  Life in the NFL can be pretty brutal because today A.J. Trapasso was waived and the Jets have signed a new punter.  According to the Star Ledger the Jets have signed Steve Weatherford.

The Star Ledger article states that Weatherford can als kick off but Jay Feely’s kickoffs have been much better so far this year.  In the pre-season games he has been consistently hitting the end zone.

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