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Twitter Madness Kerry Rhodes Style

It all started yesterday with a simple tweet by @KerryRhodes; “jet fans expect a big announcement coming soon lol!”.  Now the twitter world is hanging on Kerry’s every word.  Waiting for this big announcement that Kerry is going to scoop via twitter.

There have been some other riveting updates since then.  Nick Mangold (the real Nick Mangold) asked Kerry what the deal was and he received this response from Kerry Rhodes:

@nickmangold “u will kno soon lol if i tell u everybody will kno duhhh”

Jay Feely jumped in with a comment as well: @nickmangold “I had to text Kerry as well to find out, want validation”

When Nick Mangold woke up this morning he added this:

“I dunno about @jayfeely, but I’m pretty mad @kerryrhodes for stirring up this hysteria. I was expecting some real news with my coffee today”

This whole thing brings some serious questions to mind for me.  Why did Kerry Rhodes give Jay Feely his cell phone number?  What the hell is that all about?  A kicker?  C’mon Hollywood you can’t be letting kickers call or text you.  Yes Feely isn’t your normal kicker because he is all pumped up from lots of time in the weight room.  But still, he is a kicker Kerry and if Rex Ryan finds you associating with him your playing time is going to diminish.  You better hope Buddy Ryan never gets word that you are hanging out with a kicker, he might punch you in the face.

Anyhow that isn’t the real point here.  The point is that Kerry did something amazing here.  He posted one simple thing about a big announcement.  Then he ended it with a “lol”.  Now thousands of people are following all of these updates waiting for this super announcement.

Time will tell, maybe Kerry has a big scoop.  I am going on record as saying that Kerry saved a bunch of money on his auto insurance and that is his big announcement.

You can tell us what you think in the discussion thread.

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