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Who Needs Two?

scalperI know what you are thinking, Max is writing about the ticket situation AGAIN.  Well, yes, you are right.  I am writing about it.  Why you ask?  Because it never ceases to amaze me how bad things are.

The coaches club auction, personal seat licenses and $400 game tickets are what everyone (JetNation included) thought would be the breaking point.  A funny thing happened on the way to the breaking point.  People said no far sooner than anyone, especially Woody Johnson, ever imagined.   The rumors and speculation about empty seats and a quiet stadium in 2010 was premature.


Because that is the exact situation that the Jets are facing for 2009.  The fans have spoken and the Jets are in full panic mode.  We mentioned the google adwords account the Jets took out several weeks ago.  The stadium last week for the Eagles game was full of ticket ads and announcements.

Today the New York Jets sent out a mass email with a ticketmaster link to every home game this year.  Tickets are available mass quantities.   In this thread, we outline how many tickets are available.  You want to buy 10 tickets for the Patriots game?  It is the home opener against the Jets biggest rival but not only are 10 tickets available, you can all sit together.  The same row, spread out Jets fans, there is plenty of room.

The NY Jets will never admit this but they have to be reconsidering all of their options for 2010.  The 2009 message has been delivered loud and clear.  Great job Jets fans, you did the right thing.

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