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Kerry Rhodes Interview On Sirius

Kerry Rhodes was just interviewed on Sirius NFL Radio with Rich Gannon and Adam Schein.  This is a “loose translation” of that interview.  Meaning, these are not quotes but paraphrases of the questions and answers.  It was a good interview so I felt it was worth sharing.

Kerry Rhodes – I like the intro.

Schein:  You have to make the pro bowl this year, Kerry laughed.

Kerry: The locker room was emotional.  Rex wants to play a physical brand of football, he was overwhelmed (emotional) in the locker room.  But we like seeing that he is the kind of guy that lets it out.

Schein: The Jets made a statement early with the physical nature.
Kerry:  You are right.  We wanted to make sure Schaub didn’t get off to a good start because he is a good QB.  He ended up rushing throws.

Gannon:  Holding Slaton to 17 yards, Chris Brown to 15.  What were the keys?
Rhodes:  We were tough, we didn’t have to put a safety in the box. They couldn’t get Andre Johnson 1 on 1.

Schein: Andre Johnson is the best WR in the NFL.  You blitzed, imagine that?  (Kerry laughed).  What goes through your mind with the blitzes and how about Revis’ ability to go one on one with Andre Johnson?
Kerry:  Some of the blitzes are simulated, we are always protected, it isn’t always man to man.  It confuses people but we are covered.

Gannon:  As a defensive player, are you surprised that Houston didn’t do a better job of getting after Mark Sanchez and knocking him around?
Kerry: They let him get confident and once that happened he was awesome.  Mark is in a great situation with a great running game and Offensive Line.

Schein:  Sanchez showed moxy and poise.  He made every throw and didn’t lock in to just one receiver.  How about his play on 3rd downs?
Kerry:  He has that bounce back ability for a young guy.  Even after the interception he said, I will get it back.   He made a nice clutch throw to Dustin on the next series, he is very accurate.

Gannon: Talk about the mindset of the defense.  Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine’s approach, talk about it.
Kerry:  We aren’t going to let teams dictate to us what we do on defense. We will game plan but if a team can beat us at what we do…we are confident.

Schein:  You guys needed this. Lot of talk about the Jets having a top 5 defense.  But shutting down last years 3rd ranked offense gives you confidence.
Kerry:  Playing against a team with those weapons is what you want.  At the end of the day you want to make them not want to play anymore, that is the focus.

Gannon:  Bart Scott, some of the new guys how have they helped?
Kerry:  On the back end it has been great.  Helping with the communications. Leonhard can take some of the responsibility, having another coach on the field always helps.

Schein:  Lito Shephard and Donald Strickland, talk about their play.
Kerry:  The secondary is going to be strong man. Lito didn’t have a great pre-season but we weren’t showing our stuff and people go away from Revis.  Now it isn’t all man to man so people can’t just pick on somebody.  We have key players that can play and depth.

Gannon:  Jump ahead to next week, interesting to see how Tom Brady does tonight. Preview for the Patriots?
Kerry:  They have Tom, their trigger man back.  It will be fun to watch tonight, I don’t know if Wes Welker is back.  Chris Baker is there they are deep.

Schein: Rex won’t kiss Belly’s rings.  Is that the storyline for this week.
Kerry:  I am sure in New England it will be.

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