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JetNation.com Partners With TailgateJoe.com


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JetNation Partners With Tailgate Joe to Bring Jets Fans The Ultimate Tailgating Experience

East Rutherford, NJ – Sept 16, 2009. Before you pack the grill into the trunk and stop to go food shopping on the way to a Jets game this Sunday, ask yourself is it worth it? The packing, the shopping, buying more food than just a few people need. Are you taking the train? Do you take a shuttle bus to the stadium from a remote lot because you don’t have a parking pass?

Don’t worry, Tailgate Joe is here to help.

TailgateJoe.com is the official tailgate party for JetNation.com at all home NY Jets football games.

Joe has a passion for tailgating and he formed Tailgate Joe to bring football fans together. When JetNation was looking for a tailgating partner, one requirement was the tailgate host had to have a passion for pork. Joe reluctanctly agreed to make a large volume of pork products available for the “JetNation Lifestyle”.

In addition to a gameday tailgate for every home game, http://TailgateJoe.com also offers:

  • Recipes
  • Tailgating product reviews
  • Videos
  • Food tips

JetNation has been expanded to include a tailgating forum.  Give TailgateJoe.com a visit and check the menu for an upcoming tailgate. We look forward to seeing you at a game this season. Thanks and Go Jets.

For Information
Web: http://TailgateJoe.com
Twitter: @tailgatejoe
Email: joe@tailgatejoe.com
AIM: tailgatejoe

For more information or to see the fan reaction to this truly momumental partnership please review the discussion thread.

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