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New York Jets Game Day Thread

Every week, we have an “Official Game Day Thread” in our forums.  It is usually started within a few minutes of midnight.  Sometimes newbies come along and start it a day early or even a few hours before midnight.  Silly newbies, it is called the GAME DAY thread for a reason.  So we don’t allow it to be started early.

Many posters have tried to start the thread.  It is a lot of pressure.  Hate to brag, but I (Max) am the best at it.  My thread helped the Jets win last week.  It helped Jets fans find a preview of the game, the injury report and my insight.  Last year my record was really impressive.  Simply put, when I start the thread, the Jets respond.

This week I am back, here is my thread.  Check it out during the game, just a bunch of Jets fans doing what we do best, complaining and supporting our team.

Go Jets.  Beat the Patriots.

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