Nick Ferraro Power Rankings

NFL Top Ten – Week Two

By Nick Ferraro

1. Indianapolis Colts
They still have some very serious issues on defense, but very few teams can take advantage enough to beat them.

2. New York Giants
The Giants might be the most complete team in the league.  They are finding ways to get young receivers open, which was the only weakness they had on paper going into the season.

3. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons will likely turn in some very workmanlike wins this season.  There is not a lot of flash or style to what they do, but winning is s style all to itself.  Sunday is a big test for the Dirty Birds.

4. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are 2-0, but I don’t think many people expected them to allow 25 points per game.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

The running game is atrocious so far.  The champs need to figure out how to get better play from an average offensive line.

6. New York Jets

The Jets defense is championship caliber.  They need to find a way to get 20 points on the board each week to make this season stretch into January.

7. Minnesota Vikings

People will feel very sore late into the week after they face the Vikings.  When Favre starts to get over the rust and lack of a training camp, this team will post some very lopsided scores.

8. New Orleans Saints

The Saints have dropped some big numbers on their first two opponents.  That’s not a big deal when the Lions come to town, but lighting up the Eagle’s defense is something else.

9. New England Patriots
This team is nearly 0-2 and hasn’t been very impressive at all.  The talent is still there to be a contender, but this may not be the Patriots team people expected when Brady returned.

10. San Francisco 49ers

The Niners get a view from the top ten.  It may be short-lived though with a trip to Minnesota on the horizon.  We will learn a lot about Coach Singeltary’s kids this week.

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