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Hey Rex Ryan, Please Call My Boss

Rex Ryan Calls Jets FansDear Rex Ryan:
Thank you for that voice mail message last week.  That was so cool, the way you asked me to scream my lungs out and become the 12th man.  When you gave me the game ball, you let me know that my efforts worked.  The New York Jets beat the evil New England Patriots.  The keys to the game were:

  1. Darrelle Revis handling Randy Moss
  2. Mark Sanchez playing like a veteran
  3. Me screaming

I am glad that I could be a small part of the victory.

Now, the Tennessee Titans are rolling into town.  Before you call me and ask me to scream all day long again let me tell you what my week was like:

  • On the Monday conference call with the San Diego office, they couldn’t understand a word that I was saying.  It was Monday, my voice was “scratchy” and everyone laughed because they figured it was temporary.
  • During the client demo on Tuesday my voice was achy and cracking like a pre-pubescent teen.  The client wasn’t a sports fan, so nobody wanted to hear about how I helped the Jets win on Sunday.
  • By Wednesday after I had consumed my 40th cup of herbal tea and honey I still wasn’t 100%.  My boss called me into his office and let me know that he was pissed.  He accused me of dogging it.

What could I do?  What would you do?

Rex, I told him that you would call him this week.  All I need you to do is let him know how valuable I am.  Let him know that I am the reason the Jets won.  It is almost Friday and my voice is feeling strong.  Put me on the injury report as: Limited Participation.  But rest assured, I will be ready to go on Sunday.  I just need you to call my boss and make sure he isn’t a distraction.

Thanks Rex.

Do you want Rex Ryan to call your boss?  Leave him a message here.

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