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NY Jets Report Card (Week 3)

Jets 24 Titans 17
by Brian Clark (lawngnome o-line)

Quarterback: C+
Mark Sanchez: 17/30 171 yds 3TD 1INT 1 Fumble Lost 81.4

He had a great first 8 minutes of the game, as the man-love for Sanchez continued on. 2 TD’s 4-4 on 3rd down, and a dominating performance equaling only the dirtiness of his moustache.

After those initial drives, Sanchez looked shaky at best. He couldn’t hold onto the ball, overthrew receivers and looked unimpressive overall. He made a couple good passes, as the deep pass to Cotchery was right on the money. Besides that, he had little ability to manage the clock, and keep the team going down the field

Running Back/Full Back: C-
Thomas Jones: 14 rushes 20 yds
Leon Washington: 12 rushes 46 yards

Thomas Jones wasn’t anything more than the words of Dan Dierdorf; “Ineffective” He made no progress, and in many occasions left us at 2 and 9 or 3rd and long. Even Leon had a minimal effect on the game, although he did have relative success out of the Seminole offense, he wasn’t able to make the normal game changing impact we expect.

Wide Receiver/Tight End: B
Dustin Keller: 2 rec 24 yards
Ben Hartsock 1 rec 2 yards 1 TD
Jerricho Cotchery: 8 rec 108 yards TD
Chansi Stuckey: 2 rec 11 yds

Cotchery has been a key player in the offense as he caught more than half of Sanchez’s productive yards. They really have a chemistry building and do exceptionally well on crossing routes and slants. Stuckey should have brought in the one off his fingers which went for a pick.

The pass to Hartsock was a good scheme and he did the good job not screwing up a wide open touchdown.

Offensive Line: C
They could not make any holes for the running game as they were unable to move a very good Titans defensive front. On the only big run of the day, Brandon Moore got called for holding.

Sanchez was sacked three times, as he wasn’t able to have his typical time back there to throw.

Defensive Line: B+
Jenkins was dominating in the middle and did a very good job getting a push up through the middle of the line. Ellis had a sack got in the backfield a few times.

Pouha has made great strides from his performance last year. He doesn’t seem like a hole in the middle of the line, and was instrumental in the Collins pick, by driving the LG right into the face of Collins. On that play you had Thomas, Gholston, and Pouha all a step from a sack.

Linebackers: A-
Harris had a big game, getting a sack, pick, tackle for loss, pass defended, and 5 total tackles. He also did a good job in coverage on the Tennessee tight ends.

Since I can include them here, Trusnik and Izzo made a big splash on Special teams, and made a big impact on the game.

Secondary: B+
Darrelle Revis looked more mortal this week, as Collins continued to pick apart our defense. Instead of leaving Revis alone on his island down the sideline, the Titans exploited our secondary with crossing patterns which limits Revis’ ability to close off the receiver.

Dwight Lowery had a poor coverage day, and was fortunate that Titans who had created separation failed to catch the ball.

Kerry Rhodes has yet to be the “big play” safety we expect from Hollywood

Special Teams: A
This group turned this game from a loss to a win for us. Big plays and momentum swings were helped by their fumble recoveries. Weatherford kicked for a decent average, better considering the good net average.

Our coverage and return games continued to be strong as Leonhard had a big return, and we limited any major returns from the Titans game (considering they fumbled a bunch, that helped too) The only real negative was Feely kicking the ball out of bounds.

Coaching: C+
I really didn’t agree with a lot of the play calling on either side of the ball for the majority of the game.

Ryan didn’t bring the traditional pressure until halfway through the 4th, which then allowed to Jets to get in the backfield and stifle the Titans offense. For a large part of the game, they rushed 4 and 5, and they allowed for Collins to look like Drew Brees back there.

On the offensive side of the ball, it was for the most part (past the 2 touchdown drives), repetitive and unproductive. I liked the play call with the halfback option pass to Sanchez, but I’m sure they couldn’t benefit from pulling that one out of the bag.

Overall it wasn’t a great performance by the team, but it was enough to get the win and remain undefeated.

Players of the Game: Kris Jenkins, David Harris, Ryan Mouton (Tennessee)

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