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Clowney Was Inactive Because Of Tweet

Yes, that headline is correct.  According to Dave Hutchinson, wide receiver David Clowney was inactive because of something he posted on twitter.

Ryan revealed that WR David Clowney was inactive against the Titans because he got wind of something Clowney wrote on his Twitter page about being unhappy with his playing time after the big win over the Patriots. The coach also stressed that it was his call and his alone.

He said he told Clowney of his decision to sit him against the Titans early in the week and he wanted to see how the player would respond.

“To me, this is about our team,” said Ryan. “No individual is bigger than our team. If I feel a guy isn’t putting the team first, I’ll put the guy down. That’s just the way I feel. You’re right, there’s no reason David Clowney shouldn’t be up every week.

“I wanted to see how he would respond. He did a great job. He worked his butt off (last week).”

It is only a matter of time before there is a league wide ban on twitter.  Too many players simply don’t understand the impact their tweets have.  You can not have 5,000 or so followers and share your inner most thoughts.  Good job by Rex, laying down the law here.

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