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This is not another version of the ‘Same Old Jets’

By Tyson Rauch

Contrary to popular belief the sky is not falling, the 2009 season is not over and this is not the “Same Old Jets.” While the Jets performance against the Dolphins was disappointing, there are several reasons why Jets nation should take their finger off of the panic button.

1) New coach, new approach-Many seem to forget that the New York Jets entered the 2009 season with a first time head coach and a rookie quarterback. While this is not a daunting situation, there is going to be a transition, especially from the coaching perspective. Rex Ryan has made substantial schematic changes that are going to take time to learn, understand and perfect.

On the defensive side of the ball Gang Green is going from a conservative, robotic, read and react type of system to one that is aggressive and puts pressure on the unit to make plays. The offensive side is no different, where coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has been given the ability to open up the offense and attack defenses. This type of systematic change, which has been very effective early on in the season, is going to endure some growing pains as the team becomes better acclimated with the new approach. Lets not forget that opposing teams now have substantial game tape on the “new” Jets and adjustments will have to be made throughout the season.

2) The cupboard is full-When it comes to talent the New York Jets have an abundance of it throughout their roster. This is not your “Same Old Jets” team full of aging veterans and journeymen type players. This team is full of physical, hungry, passionate players that are ready to get to the next level. When was the last time a Jets team had legitimate playmakers like Kris Jenkins, David Harris, Bart Scott, Darrelle Revis, Leon Washington and Braylon Edwards? And furthermore when was the last time Gang Green had this caliber of player and they were used effectively? The Jets have done an excellent job of acquiring talent now it is just going to take a little time to get them all on the same page. Can you imagine this defense once Calvin Pace gets his legs under him? Or how about the offense, when Braylon Edwards has more than 3 days of practice under his belt?  And honestly when was the last time you were excited about having a potential franchise quarterback on the roster?  Early in his career Mark Sanchez has brought more to this team than many could have ever imagined.

3) Got to believe-For the first time since probably the Bill Parcells era, the New York Jets have truly bought into what their new fiery coach is selling. Rex Ryan is a no nonsense guy that puts all his players in place to make plays. Ryan demands that his team play with intensity, passion and a very aggressive nature. The team as a whole has bought into this philosophy and the proof is in their performance on the field. Granted the result against the Dolphins was disappointing, but the reactions after the game were more telling. It was very evident that the core of veteran players were very aggravated by their performance and determined to get things right. This is unlike past years where players walked around like zombies giving textbook quotes in post game interviews. This is a very talented New York Jets team that is being a led by a man who will refuse to let them fall back on their feet.

The bottom line is that the New York Jets are 3-2 and tied for place in the AFC East. Heading into this season who would not have taken that after 5 weeks? This team has come a long way, in a short amount of time. It is a long NFL season and there are going to be highs and lows. Lets give this team a chance before we start breaking out the negativity Jets fans are notorious for. For those of you who know me personally I have uttered the words “Same Old Jets” more than I care to remember. This team, my friends, does not fall under that label.

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